Dopo aver visto i video di danza di Ronit, Kim Wise, una grande professionista del movimento, ha contattato Ronit in privato per poter condividere i suoi video di danza con altri esperti del metodo Feldenkrais.

Kim Wise: I just had to share this dialogue with my colleagues with Ronit’s permission. Please watch the video first so beautiful her movement:
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Thank you Kim…

Kim Wise: Ronit I am a movement specialist and your move is such an amazingly differentiated and elegant way – one of the best I have had the pleasure to witness, thank you so much for posting your video and for your friend request.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Kim I’m very happy to meet you because I am working with Feldenkrais method since 8 years and I cooperate with physiotherapist in my accademy of middle-east dancing. Thank you very much, it’s very important the quality of movement, lot of people doesn’t recognise it.

Kim Wise: Oh yes the QUALITY is what you express so well. If I may, I would love to share your video and our conversation with my professional colleagues worldwide of Feldenkrais Practitioners who are all movement specialists. Where are you from?
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: It will be a pleasure! I live in Italy but I’m Israeli.

Kim Wise: Ahhhhh, what a combination… this work of movement I have spent a lifetime studying originates in Israel.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: I’m writing a book concerning my method for dancers and for finding the essence of movement.

Kim Wise: I did see Israel and Italy in your movement too. How wonderful.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Yes I know Moseh Feldenkrais.

Kim Wise: Let us then spread your wonderful work around the world. You knew him, or you have heard of his work, or studied it?
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: I was working on my method for my book about the essence of movement and my students, 10 years ago, told me that my work was similar.

Kim Wise: He physiotherapist you mean?
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: No I cooperate with Italian physiotherapist that work by using Feldenkrais method.

Kim Wise: Oh yes – you are the essence of all that Moshe Feldenkrais teaches.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: He was a genius.

Kim Wise: Physiotherapist is so funny the spelling.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: How do you say it in English?

Kim Wise: Yes he certainly was… no doubt – in line or more than Einstein. Physiotherapist – I am that too, and a Scientist (Anatomy Major) and a Bones For Life Practitioner/Teacher (google Bones for Life – an evolution of the Feldenkrais Method by Ruthy Alon who looks like and moves like a young girl at 83).
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: It’s wonderful… I wrote a book about the archetype in movement and now I’m writing a book on my method. In Italy I practice my method to found holistic movements.

Kim Wise: I cannot wait until you publish so I could read, but better still if I could attend your classes and learn to move again like you do, a long time ago I used to but I am a wild country girl and I have had many major injuries off wild horses.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Do you read Italian?

Kim Wise: No
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Sorry about it. I hope to meet you!

Kim Wise Come to Australia! I have friends that are famous Tango dancers in Italy.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Who know… it will be nice.

Kim Wise: My Mother and Grand Mother especially was a great dancer; she had nine children and ran nine dance studios in Australia pre television.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: Where in Italy? What are their names?

Kim Wise: My Grand Mothers stage name was Marjorie Daw.
Ronit Mandel Abrahami: It’s wonderful… dancing is a very important part of life. (sorry for my English!!)”

Kim Wise – Physiotherapist/Rehabilitation Specialist – Post graduate diploma in Physiotherapy Cumberland College of Health Sciences at Sindney University; BSc – Anatomy Major; Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Bones for Life Practitioner.